Rule 9.224 Review by Supreme Court

(A) Petition by Respondent. Within 28 days after being served, a respondent may file in the Supreme Court 24 copies of

(1) a petition to reject or modify the commission’s recommendation, which must:

(a) be based on the record,

(b) specify the grounds relied on,

(c) be verified, and

(d) include a brief in support; and

(2) an appendix presenting portions of the record that the respondent believes necessary to fairly judge the issues.

The respondent must serve the commission with 3 copies of the petition and 2 copies of the appendix and file proof of that service.

(B) Brief of Commission. Within 21 days after respondent’s petition is served, the commission must file

(1) 24 copies of a brief supporting its finding, and

(2) proof that the respondent was served with 2 copies of the brief.

The commission may file 24 copies of an appendix containing portions of the record not included in the respondent’s appendix that the commission believes necessary to fairly judge the issues.

(C) Review in Absence of Petition by Respondent. If the respondent does not file a petition, the Supreme Court will review the commission’s recommendation on the record file. The Supreme Court may order that briefs be filed or arguments be presented.

(D) Form of Briefs. A brief filed under this subrule is to be similar to a brief filed in an appeal to the Supreme Court.

(E) Additional Evidence. The Supreme Court may, if cause is shown, order that further evidence be taken and added to the original record.

(F) Submission. The clerk will place the case on a session calendar under MCR 7.313. Oral argument may be requested.