Rule 9.223 Filing and Service of Documents by Commission

Within 21 days after entering an order recommending action with regard to a respondent, the commission must take the action required by subrules (A) and (B).

(A) Filings in Supreme Court. The commission must file in the Supreme Court:

(1) the original record arranged in chronological order and indexed and certified;

(2) 24 copies of the order; and

(3) a proof of service on the respondent.

(B) Service on Respondent. The commission must serve the respondent with:

(1) notice of the filing under MCR 9.223(A)(1);

(2) 2 copies of the order;

(3) 2 copies of the index to the original record; and

(4) a copy of a portion of the original record not submitted by or previously furnished to the respondent.