Rule 9.210 Notice of Public Hearing; Appointment of Master and Examiners

(A) Notice of Public Hearing. Upon the filing of a complaint, the commission must set a time and a place of hearing before the commission and notify the respondent at least 21 days in advance, or request in writing that the Supreme Court appoint a master to hold the hearing. Such a request must be accompanied by a copy of the complaint.

(B) Appointment of Master.

(1) If the commission requests that the Supreme Court appoint a master to conduct the hearing, the Court shall do so within a reasonable period.

(2) The master shall set a time and a place for the hearing and shall notify the respondent and the examiner at least 28 days in advance. The master shall rule on all motions and other procedural matters incident to the complaint, answer, and hearing. Recommendations on dispositive motions shall not be announced until the conclusion of the hearing, except that the master may refer to the commission on an interlocutory basis a recommendation regarding a dispositive motion.

(3) MCR 2.003(B) shall govern all matters concerning the disqualification of a master.

(C) Appointment of Examiners. The executive director shall act as the examiner in a case in which a formal complaint is filed, unless the commission appoints another attorney to act as examiner.