Rule 9.130 MCR 8.122 Cases; Arbitration; Discipline; Filing Complaint by Administrator

(A) Arbitration. On written agreement between an attorney and his or her client, the administrator or an attorney the administrator assigns may arbitrate a dispute and enter an award in accordance with the arbitration laws. Except as otherwise provided by this subrule, the arbitration is governed by MCR 3.602. The award and a motion for entry of an order or judgment must be filed in the court having jurisdiction under MCR 8.122. If the award recommends discipline of the attorney, it must also be treated as a request for investigation.

(B) Complaint. If the administrator finds that the filing of a complaint in the appropriate court under MCR 8.122 will be a hardship to the client and that the client may have a meritorious claim, the administrator may file the complaint on behalf of the client and prosecute it to completion without cost to the client.