Rule 9.128 Costs

(A) Generally. The hearing panel and the board, in an order of discipline or an order granting or denying reinstatement, must include a provision directing the payment of costs within a specified period of time. Under exceptional circumstances, the board may grant a motion to reduce administrative costs assessed under this rule, but may not reduce the assessment for actual expenses. Reimbursement must be a condition in a reinstatement order.

(B) Amount and Nature of Costs Assessed. The costs assessed under these rules shall include both basic administrative costs and disciplinary expenses actually incurred by the board, the commission, a master, or a panel for the expenses of that investigation, hearing, review and appeal, if any.

(1) Basic Administrative Costs:

(a) for discipline by consent pursuant to MCR 9.115(F)(5), $750;

(b) for all other orders imposing discipline, $1,500;

(c) with the filing of a petition for reinstatement as set forth in MCR 9.124(B)(2)(b)(i) and (ii);

(2) Actual Expenses. Within 14 days of the conclusion of a proceeding before a panel or a written request from the board, whichever is later, the grievance administrator shall file with the board an itemized statement of the commission’s expenses allocable to the hearing, including expenses incurred during the grievance administrator’s investigation. Copies shall be served upon the respondent and the panel. An itemized statement of the expenses of the board, the commission, and the panel, including the expenses of a master, shall be a part of the report in all matters of discipline and reinstatement.

(C) Certification of Nonpayment. If the respondent fails to pay the costs within the time prescribed, the board shall serve a certified notice of the nonpayment upon the respondent. Copies must be served on the administrator and the State Bar of Michigan. Commencing on the date a certified report of nonpayment is filed, interest on the unpaid fees and costs shall accrue thereafter at the rates applicable to civil judgments.

(D) Automatic Suspension for Nonpayment. The respondent will be suspended automatically, effective 7 days from the mailing of the certified notice of nonpayment, and until the respondent pays the costs assessed or the board approves a suitable plan for payment. The board shall file a notice of suspension with the clerk of the Supreme Court and the State Bar of Michigan. A copy must be served on the respondent and the administrator. A respondent who is suspended for nonpayment of costs under this rule is required to comply with the requirements imposed by MCR 9.119 on suspended attorneys.

(E) Reinstatement. A respondent who has been automatically suspended under this rule and later pays the costs or obtains approval of a payment plan, and is otherwise eligible, may seek automatic reinstatement pursuant to MCR 9.123(A) even if the suspension under this rule exceeded 179 days. However, a respondent who is suspended under this rule and, as a result, does not practice law in Michigan for 3 years or more, must be recertified by the Board of Law Examiners before the respondent may be reinstated.