Rule 9.127 Enforcement

(A) Interim Suspension. The Supreme Court, the board, or a hearing panel may order the interim suspension of a respondent who fails to comply with its lawful order. The suspension shall remain in effect until the respondent complies with the order or no longer has the power to comply. If the respondent is ultimately disciplined, the respondent shall not receive credit against the disciplinary suspension or disbarment for any time of suspension under this rule. All orders of hearing panels under this rule shall be reviewable immediately under MCR 9.118. All orders of the board under this rule shall be appealable immediately under MCR 9.122. The reviewing authority may issue a stay pending review or appeal.

(B) Contempt. The administrator may enforce a discipline order or an order granting or denying reinstatement by proceeding against a respondent for contempt of court. The proceeding must conform to MCR 3.606. The petition must be filed by the administrator in the circuit court in the county in which the alleged contempt took place, or in which the respondent resides, or has or had an office. Enforcement proceedings under this rule do not bar the imposition of additional discipline upon the basis of the same noncompliance with the discipline order.