Rule 9.109 Grievance Administrator

(A) Appointment. The administrator and the deputy administrator must be attorneys. The commission may recommend one or more candidates for appointment as administrator and deputy administrator. The Supreme Court shall appoint the administrator and the deputy administrator, may terminate their appointments at any time with or without cause, and shall determine their salaries and the other terms and conditions of their employment.

(B) Powers and Duties. The administrator has the power and duty to:

(1) employ or retain attorneys, investigators, and staff with the approval of the commission;

(2) supervise the attorneys, investigators, and staff;

(3) assist the public in preparing requests for investigation;

(4) maintain the commission records created as a result of these rules;

(5) investigate alleged misconduct of attorneys, including initiating an investigation in his or her own name if necessary;

(6) prosecute complaints the commission authorizes;

(7) prosecute or defend reviews and appeals as the commission authorizes; and

(8) report to the Supreme Court at least quarterly regarding the commission’s activities, and to submit a joint annual report with the board that summarizes the activities of both agencies during the past year; and

(9) perform other duties provided in these rules or assigned by the commission.

(C) Legal Counsel for the Administrator.

(1) The administrator may appoint and retain volunteer legal counsel needed to prosecute proceedings under these rules.

(2) Legal counsel may

(a) commence proceedings under this subchapter;

(b) present evidence relating to disciplinary and court proceedings;

(c) prepare and file arguments and briefs;

(d) inform the administrator about the progress of cases assigned; and

(e) perform other duties assigned by the administrator.