Rule 9.103 Standards of Conduct for Attorneys

(A) General Principles. The license to practice law in Michigan is, among other things, a continuing proclamation by the Supreme Court that the holder is fit to be entrusted with professional and judicial matters and to aid in the administration of justice as an attorney and counselor and as an officer of the court. It is the duty of every attorney to conduct himself or herself at all times in conformity with standards imposed on members of the bar as a condition of the privilege to practice law. These standards include, but are not limited to, the rules of professional responsibility and the rules of judicial conduct that are adopted by the Supreme Court.

(B) Duty to Assist Public to Request Investigation. An attorney shall assist a member of the public to communicate to the administrator, in appropriate form, a request for investigation of a member of the bar. An attorney shall not charge or collect a fee in connection with answering a request for investigation unless he or she is acting as counsel for a respondent in connection with a disciplinary investigation or proceeding.

(C) Duty to Assist Administrator. An attorney other than a respondent or respondent’s attorney shall cooperate with the administrator in the investigation, prosecution, and disposition of a request for investigation or proceeding under this subchapter.