Rule 8.125 Electronic Filing of Citation

(A) Applicability. This rule applies to all civil infraction and misdemeanor actions initiated by a Michigan Uniform Law Citation or a Michigan Uniform Municipal Civil Infraction Citation.

(B) Citation; Complaint; Filing. A citation may be filed with the court either on paper or electronically. The filing of a citation constitutes the filing of a complaint. An electronic citation must contain all the information that would be required if the citation were filed on paper. A citation that contains the full name of the police officer or authorized local official who issued it will be deemed to have been signed pursuant to MCL 257.727c(3), 600.8705(3), or 600.8805(3).

(C) Contested Actions. If an electronic citation is contested, the court may decline to hear the matter until the citation is signed and filed on paper. A citation that is not signed and filed on paper, when required by the court, will be dismissed with prejudice.