Rule 8.107 Statement by Trial Judge as to Matters Undecided

(A) Time. Matters under submission to a judge or judicial officer should be promptly determined. Short deadlines should be set for presentation of briefs and affidavits and for production of transcripts. Decisions, when possible, should be made from the bench or within a few days of submission; otherwise a decision should be rendered no later than 35 days after submission. For the purpose of this rule, the time of submission is the time the last argument or presentation in the matter was made, or the expiration of the time allowed for filing the last brief or production of transcripts, as the case may be.

(B) Report as to Matters Undecided. On the first business day of January, April, July, and October of each year, every trial judge shall file a certified statement with the chief judge in the form prescribed by the state court administrator. The statement shall provide information on all matters pending during the reporting period that were not decided within 56 days from submission. The judge shall state the reason that a decision was not made within 56 days. A report is required regardless of whether there is any case to report. The chief judge shall sign and file, or electronically submit, the statement with the state court administrator.