Rule 8.105 General Duties of Clerks

(A) Office Hours. The office of the clerk of every court of record must be open, and the clerk or deputy clerk must be in attendance, during business hours on all days except Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, and at other times that the court is in session.

(B) Court Records and Reporting Duties. The clerk of every circuit court shall maintain court records and make reports as prescribed by MCR 8.119.

(C) Notice of Judgments, Orders, and Opinions. Notice of a judgment, final order, written opinion or findings filed or entered in a civil action in a court of record must be given forthwith in writing by the court clerk to the attorneys of record in the case, in the manner provided in MCR 2.107.

(D) Filing of Assurance of Discontinuance Under MCL 445.870. The clerk of every judicial circuit shall, without charge, receive and file an assurance of discontinuance accepted by the Attorney General under MCL 445.870.