Rule 8.103 State Court Administrator

The state court administrator, under the Supreme Court’s supervision and direction, shall:

(1) supervise and examine the administrative methods and systems employed in the offices of the courts, including the offices of the clerks and other officers, and make recommendations to the Supreme Court for the improvement of the administration of the courts;

(2) examine the status of court calendars, determine the need for assistance to a court, and report to the Supreme Court;

(3) on receipt of the quarterly reports as provided in MCR 8.110(C)(5), investigate each case in an effort to determine the reason for delays, recommend actions to eliminate delays, and recommend further actions to expedite process to insure speedy trials of criminal cases;

(4) recommend to the Supreme Court the assignment of judges where courts are in need of assistance and carry out the direction of the Supreme Court as to the assignment of judges;

(5) collect and compile statistical and other data, make reports of the business transacted by the courts, and transmit the reports to the Supreme Court so that the statistics and other data may be used in taking proper action in the administration of justice;

(6) prepare and submit budget estimates of state appropriations necessary for the maintenance and operation of the judicial system;

(7) obtain reports from courts, and the judges, clerks, and other officers of the courts, in accordance with rules adopted by the Supreme Court on cases and other judicial business conducted or pending in the courts, and report on them to the Supreme Court;

(8) recommend to the Supreme Court policies for the improvement of the judicial system;

(9) approve and publish forms as required by these rules, and such other recommended forms as the administrator deems advisable; and

(10) attend to other matters assigned by the Supreme Court.