Rule 7.314 Call and Argument of Cases

(A)   Call; Notice of Argument; Adjournment From Call. The Court, on the first day of each monthly session, will call the cases for argument in the order they stand on the calendar as arranged in accordance with MCR 7.313(C), and proceed from day to day during the session in the same order. A case may not be adjourned after being placed on the call, except on a showing of extreme emergency. A case may be submitted on briefs by stipulation at any time.

(B)   Argument.

(1)   In a calendar case in which both sides are entitled to oral argument, the time allowed for argument is 30 minutes for each side unless the Court orders otherwise. When only one side is scheduled for oral argument, 15 minutes is allowed unless the Court orders otherwise.

(2)   In a case being argued on the application for leave to appeal under MCR 7.305(H)(1), each side that is entitled to oral argument is allowed 15 minutes to argue unless the Court orders otherwise.

The time for argument may be extended by Court order on motion of a party filed at least 14 days before the session begins or by the Chief Justice during the argument.