Rule 7.303 Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

(A)   Mandatory Review. The Supreme Court shall review a Judicial Tenure Commission order recommending discipline, removal, retirement, or suspension (see MCR 9.223 to 9.226).

(B)   Discretionary Review. The Supreme Court may

(1)   review by appeal a case pending in the Court of Appeals or after decision by the Court of Appeals (see MCR 7.305);

(2)   review by appeal a final order of the Attorney Discipline Board (see MCR 9.122);

(3)   issue an advisory opinion (see Const 1963, art 3, § 8 and MCR 7.308(B));

(4)   respond to a certified question (see MCR 7.308(A));

(5)   exercise superintending control over a lower court or tribunal (see MCR 7.306);

(6)   exercise other jurisdiction as provided by the constitution or by law.