Rule 7.114 Oral Argument; Decision and Effect of Judgment, Reconsideration

(A)   Oral Argument. If requested in accord with MCR 7.111(C), the court shall schedule oral argument unless it concludes that the briefs and record adequately present the facts and legal arguments, and the court’s deliberation would not be significantly aided by oral argument.

(B)   Decision. The circuit court shall decide the appeal by oral or written opinion and issue an order. The court’s order is its judgment.

(C)   Effect of Judgment. Unless otherwise ordered by the circuit court or the Court of Appeals, a judgment is effective after expiration of the period for filing a timely application for leave to appeal or, if such an application is filed, after the Court of Appeals decides the case. Enforcement is to be obtained in the trial court or agency after the record is returned as provided in MCR 7.109(H).

(D)   Reconsideration. A motion for reconsideration is governed by MCR 2.119(F).