Rule 7.102 Definitions

For purposes of this subchapter:

(1)   “agency” means any governmental entity other than a “trial court,” the decisions of which are subject to appellate review in the circuit court;

(2)   “appeal” means judicial review by the circuit court of a judgment, order, or decision of a “trial court” or “agency,” even if the statute or constitutional provision authorizing circuit court appellate review uses a term other than “appeal.”  “Appeal” does not include actions commenced under the Freedom of Information Act, MCL 15.231 et seq., proceedings described in MCR 3.302 through MCR 3.306, and motions filed under MCR 6.110(H);

(3)   “appeal fee” means the fee required to be paid to the circuit court upon filing an appeal and any fee required to be paid to the “trial court” or “agency” in conjunction with the appeal;

(4)   “clerk” means clerk of the court;

(5)   “court” means the circuit court;

(6)   “date of filing” means the date of receipt of a document by the “clerk”;

(7)   “entry” is as defined in MCR 7.204(A);

(8)   “final judgment” or “final order” is as defined in MCR 7.202(6); and

(9)   “trial court” means the district, probate, or municipal court from which the “appeal” is taken.