Rule 6.111 Circuit Court Arraignment in District Court

(A) The circuit court arraignment may be conducted by a district judge in criminal cases cognizable in the circuit court immediately after the bindover of the defendant. A district court judge shall take a felony plea as provided by court rule if a plea agreement is reached between the parties. Following a plea, the case shall be transferred to the circuit court where the circuit judge shall preside over further proceedings, including sentencing. The circuit court judge’s name shall be available to the litigants before the plea is taken.

(B) Arraignments conducted pursuant to this rule shall be conducted in conformity with MCR 6.113.

(C) Pleas taken pursuant to this rule shall be taken in conformity with MCR 6.301, 6.302, 6.303, and 6.304, as applicable, and, once taken, shall be governed by MCR 6.310.