Rule 5.746 Placement of Individual with a Developmental Disability in a Facility

(A) Petition for Authorization. If placement in a facility of an individual with a developmental disability has not been authorized or if permission is sought for authorization to place the individual in a more restrictive setting than previously ordered, a guardian of the individual must petition the court for authorization to place the individual in a facility or in a more restricted setting.

(B) Order. If the court grants the petition for authorization, it may order that:

(1) the guardian may execute an application for the individual's administrative admission to a specific center;

(2) the guardian may request the individual's temporary admission to a center for a period not to exceed 30 days for each admission; or

(3) the guardian may place the individual in a specific facility or class of facility as defined in MCL 330.1600.

(C) Notice of Hearing. Notice of hearing on a petition for authorization to place an individual must be given to those persons required to be served with notice of hearing for the appointment of a guardian.