Rule 5.745 Multiple Proceedings

(A) New Proceedings Not Prohibited. The admission of an individual under the Mental Health Code may not be invalidated because the individual is already subject to a court order as a result of a prior admission proceeding.

(B) Procedure. On being informed that an individual is subject to a previous court order, the court must:

(1) if it was the court issuing the previous order, dismiss the new proceeding and determine the proper disposition of the individual under its previous order or vacate the previous order and proceed under the new petition; or

(2) if the previous order was issued by another court, continue the new proceeding and issue an appropriate order. After entry of the order, the court with the new proceeding must consult with the court with the prior proceeding to determine if the best interests of the individual will be served by changing venue of the prior proceeding to the county where the new proceeding has been initiated. If not, the court with the new proceeding must transfer the matter to the other court.

(C) Disposition. The court may treat a petition or certificate filed in connection with the more recent proceeding as “notification” under MCR 5.743 or 5.744 and proceed with disposition under those rules.