Rule 5.304 Notice of Appointment

(A) Notice of Appointment. The personal representative must, not later than 14 days after appointment, serve notice of appointment as provided in MCL 700.3705 and the agreement and notice relating to attorney fees required by MCR 5.313(D). No notice of appointment need be served if the person serving as personal representative is the only person to whom notice must be given.

(B) Publication of Notice. If the address or identity of a person who is to receive notice of appointment is not known and cannot be ascertained with reasonable diligence, the notice of appointment must be published one time in a newspaper, as defined in MCR 2.106(F), in the county in which a resident decedent was domiciled or in the county in which the proceedings with respect to a nonresident were initiated. The published notice of appointment is sufficient if it includes:

(1) statements that estate proceedings have been commenced, giving the name and address of the court, and, if applicable, that a will has been admitted to probate,

(2) the name of any interested person whose name is known but whose address cannot be ascertained after diligent inquiry, and a statement that the result of the administration may be to bar or affect that person's interest in the estate, and

(3) the name and address of the person appointed personal representative, and the name and address of the court.

(C) Prior Publication. After an interested person has once been served by publication, notice of appointment is only required if that person's address is known or becomes known during the proceedings.