Rule 5.107 Other Papers Required to be Served

(A) Other Papers to be Served. The person filing a petition, an application, a sworn testimony form, supplemental sworn testimony form, a motion, a response or objection, an instrument offered or admitted to probate, an accounting, or a sworn closing statement with the court must serve a copy of that document on interested persons. The person who obtains an order from the court must serve a copy of the order on interested persons.

(B) Exceptions.

(1) Service of the papers listed in subrule (A) is not required to be made on an interested person whose address or whereabouts, on diligent inquiry, is unknown, or on an unascertained or unborn person. The court may excuse service on an interested person for good cause.

(2) Service is not required for a small estate filed under MCL 700.3982.