Rule 4.401 District Court Magistrates

(A) Procedure. Proceedings involving district court magistrates must be in accordance with relevant statutes and rules.

(B) Duties. Notwithstanding statutory provisions to the contrary, district court magistrates exercise only those duties expressly authorized by the chief judge of the district or division.

(C) Control of Magisterial Action. An action taken by a district court magistrate may be superseded, without formal appeal, by order of a district judge in the district in which the magistrate serves.

(D) Appeals. Appeals of right may be taken from a decision of the district court magistrate to the district court in the district in which the magistrate serves by filing a written claim of appeal in substantially the form provided by MCR 7.104 within 7 days of the entry of the decision of the magistrate. No fee is required on the filing of the appeal, except as otherwise provided by statute or court rule. The action is heard de novo by the district court.

(E) A district court magistrate may use videoconferencing technology in accordance with MCR 2.407 and MCR 6.006.