Rule 3.982 Enforcement of Minor Personal Protection Orders

(A) In General. A minor personal protection order is enforceable under MCL 600.2950(22), (25), 600.2950a(19), (22), 764.15b, and 600.1701 et seq. For the purpose of MCR 3.981-3.989, “minor personal protection order” includes a foreign protection order against a minor respondent enforceable in Michigan under MCL 600.2950l.

(B) Procedure. Unless indicated otherwise in these rules, contempt proceedings for the enforcement of minor personal protection orders where the respondent is under 18 years of age are governed by MCR 3.982-3.989.

(C) Form of Proceeding. A contempt proceeding brought in a court other than the one that issued the minor personal protection order shall be entitled “In the Matter of Contempt of [Respondent], a minor”. The clerk shall provide a copy of the contempt proceeding to the court that issued the minor personal protection order.