Rule 3.942 Trial

(A) Time. In all cases the trial must be held within 6 months after the filing of the petition, unless adjourned for good cause. If the juvenile is detained, the trial has not started within 63 days after the juvenile is taken into custody, and the delay in starting the trial is not attributable to the defense, the court shall forthwith order the juvenile released pending trial without requiring that bail be posted, unless the juvenile is being detained on another matter.

(B) Preliminary Matters.

(1) The court shall determine whether all parties are present.

(a) The juvenile has the right to be present at the trial with an attorney, parent, guardian, legal custodian, or guardian ad litem, if any.

(b) The court may proceed in the absence of a parent, guardian, or legal custodian who was properly notified to appear.

(c) The victim has the right to be present at trial as provided by MCL 780.789.

(2) The court shall read the allegations contained in the petition, unless waived.

(3) The court shall inform the juvenile of the right to the assistance of an attorney pursuant to MCR 3.915 unless an attorney appears representing the juvenile. If the juvenile requests to proceed without the assistance of an attorney, the court must advise the juvenile of the dangers and disadvantages of self-representation and make sure the juvenile is literate and competent to conduct the defense.

(C) Evidence; Standard of Proof. The Michigan Rules of Evidence and the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt apply at trial.

(D) Verdict. In a delinquency proceeding, the verdict must be guilty or not guilty of either the offense charged or a lesser included offense.