Rule 3.930 Receipt and Return or Disposal of Exhibits in Juvenile Proceedings

(A) Receipt of Exhibits. Except as otherwise required by statute or court rule, materials that are intended to be used as evidence at or during a trial shall not be filed with the clerk of the court, but shall be submitted to the judge for introduction into evidence as exhibits. Exhibits introduced into evidence at or during court proceedings shall be received and maintained as provided by the Michigan Supreme Court trial court case file management standards. As defined in MCR 1.109, exhibits received and accepted into evidence under this rule are not court records.

(B) Return or Disposal of Exhibits. At the conclusion of a trial or hearing, the court shall direct the parties to retrieve the exhibits submitted by them except that any weapons and drugs shall be returned to the confiscating agency for proper disposition. If the exhibits are not retrieved by the parties as directed within 56 days after conclusion of the trial or hearing, the court may properly dispose of the exhibits without notice to the parties.

(C)   Confidentiality. If the court retains discovery materials filed pursuant to MCR 1.109(C) or an exhibit submitted pursuant to this rule after a hearing or trial and the material is confidential as provided by MCR 3.903(A)(3) or order of the court pursuant to MCR 8.119(I), the court must continue to maintain the material in a confidential manner.