Rule 3.928 Contempt of Court

(A) Power. The court has the authority to hold persons in contempt of court as provided by MCL 600.1701 and 712A.26. A parent, guardian, or legal custodian of a juvenile who is within the court's jurisdiction and who fails to attend a hearing as required is subject to the contempt power as provided in MCL 712A.6a.

(B) Procedure. Contempt of court proceedings are governed by MCL 600.1711, 600.1715, and MCR 3.606. MCR 3.982-3.989 govern proceedings against a minor for contempt of a minor personal protection order.

(C) Contempt by Juvenile. A juvenile under court jurisdiction who is convicted of criminal contempt of court, and who was at least 17 years of age when the contempt was committed, may be sentenced to up to 93 days in the county jail as a disposition for the contempt. Juveniles sentenced under this subrule need not be lodged separately and apart from adult prisoners. Younger juveniles found in contempt of court are subject to a juvenile disposition under these rules.