Rule 3.917 Court Appointed Special Advocate

(A) General. The court may, upon entry of an appropriate order, appoint a volunteer special advocate to assess and make recommendations to the court concerning the best interests of the child in any matter pending in the family division.

(B) Qualifications. All court appointed special advocates shall receive appropriate screening.

(C) Duties. Each court appointed special advocate shall maintain regular contact with the child, investigate the background of the case, gather information regarding the child's status, provide written reports to the court and all parties before each hearing, and appear at all hearings when required by the court.

(D) Term of Appointment. A court appointed special advocate shall serve until discharged by the court.

(E) Access to Information. Upon appointment by the court, the special advocate may be given access to all information, confidential or otherwise, contained in the court file if the court so orders. The special advocate shall consult with the child's lawyer-guardian ad litem.