Rule 3.916 Guardian Ad Litem

(A) General. The court may appoint a guardian ad litem for a party if the court finds that the welfare of the party requires it.

(B) Appearance. The appearance of a guardian ad litem must be in writing and in a manner and form designated by the court. The appearance shall contain a statement regarding the existence of any interest that the guardian ad litem holds in relation to the minor, the minor's family, or any other person in the proceeding before the court or in other matters.

(C) Access to Information. The appearance entitles the guardian ad litem to be furnished copies of all petitions, motions, and orders filed or entered, and to consult with the attorney of the party for whom the guardian ad litem has been appointed.

(D) Costs. The court may assess the cost of providing a guardian ad litem against the party or a person responsible for the support of the party, and may enforce the order of reimbursement as provided by law.