Rule 3.911 Jury

(A) Right. The right to a jury in a juvenile proceeding exists only at the trial.

(B) Jury Demand. A party who is entitled to a trial by jury may demand a jury by filing a written demand with the court within:

(1) 14 days after the court gives notice of the right to jury trial, or

(2) 14 days after an appearance by an attorney or lawyer-guardian ad litem, whichever is later, but no later than 21 days before trial.

The court may excuse a late filing in the interest of justice.

(C) Jury Procedure. Jury procedure in juvenile cases is governed by MCR 2.508-2.516, except as provided in this subrule.

(1) In a delinquency proceeding,

(a) each party is entitled to 5 peremptory challenges, and

(b) the verdict must be unanimous.

(2) In a child protective proceeding,

(a) each party is entitled to 5 peremptory challenges, with the child considered a separate party, and

(b) a verdict in a case tried by 6 jurors will be received when 5 jurors agree.

(3) Two or more parties on the same side, other than a child in a child protective proceeding, are considered a single party for the purpose of peremptory challenges.

(a) When two or more parties are aligned on the same side and have adverse interests, the court shall allow each such party represented by a different attorney 3 peremptory challenges.

(b) When multiple parties are allowed more than 5 peremptory challenges under this subrule, the court may allow the opposite side a total number of peremptory challenges not to exceed the number allowed to the multiple parties.

(4) In a designated case, jury procedure is governed by MCR 6.401-6.420.