Rule 3.901 Applicability of Rules

(A) Scope.

(1) The rules in this subchapter, in subchapter 1.100, in MCR 5.113, and in subchapter 8.100 govern practice and procedure in the family division of the circuit court in all cases filed under the Juvenile Code.

(2) Other Michigan Court Rules apply to juvenile cases in the family division of the circuit court only when this subchapter specifically provides.

(3) The Michigan Rules of Evidence, except with regard to privileges, do not apply to proceedings under this subchapter, except where a rule in this subchapter specifically so provides. MCL 722.631 governs privileges in child protective proceedings.

(B) Application. Unless the context otherwise indicates:

(1) MCR 3.901-3.930, and 3.991-3.993 apply to delinquency proceedings and child protective proceedings;

(2) MCR 3.931-3.950 apply only to delinquency proceedings;

(3) MCR 3.951-3.956 apply only to designated proceedings;

(4) MCR 3.961-3.979 apply only to child protective proceedings;

(5) MCR 3.981-3.989 apply only to minor personal protection order proceedings.