Rule 3.804 Consent and Release

(A) Contents and Execution of Consent or Release.

In addition to the requirements of MCL 710.29 or MCL 710.44, if a parent of an Indian child intends to voluntarily consent to adoptive placement or the termination of his or her parental rights for the express purpose of adoption pursuant to MCL 712B.13, the following requirements must be met:

(1)   except in stepparent adoptions under MCL 710.23a(4), both parents must consent.

(2)   to be valid, consent must be executed on a form approved by the State Court Administrative Office, in writing, recorded before a judge of a court of competent jurisdiction, and accompanied by the presiding judge's certificate that the terms and consequences of the consent were fully explained in detail and were fully understood by the parent. The court shall also certify that either the parent fully understood the explanation in English or that it was interpreted into a language that the parent understood. Any consent given before, or within 10 days after, the birth of the Indian child is not valid.

(3)   the consent must contain the information prescribed by MCL 712B.13(2).

(4)   in a direct placement, as defined in MCL 710.22(o), a consent by a parent shall be accompanied by a verified statement that complies with MCL 712B.13(6).

(B) Hearing.

(1)The consent hearing required by MCL.710.44(1) must be promptly scheduled by the court after the court examines and approves the report of the investigation or foster family study filed pursuant to MCL 710.46. If an interested party has requested a consent hearing, the hearing shall be held within 7 days of the filing of the report or foster family study.

(2)   A consent hearing involving an Indian child pursuant to MCL 712B.13 must be held in conjunction with either a consent to adopt, as required by MCL 710.44, or a release, as required by MCL 710.29. Notice of the hearing must be sent to the parties prescribed in MCR 3.800(B) in compliance with MCR 3.802(A)(3).

(3) Use of Videoconferencing Technology. Except for a consent hearing involving an Indian child pursuant to MCL 712B.13, the court may allow the use of videoconferencing technology under this subchapter in accordance with MCR 2.407.

(C)   Withdrawal of Consent to Adopt Indian Child.

A parent who executes a consent under MCL 712B.13 may withdraw that consent at any time before entry of a final order of adoption by filing a written demand requesting the return of the child. Once a demand is filed with the court, the court shall order the return of the child. Withdrawal of consent under MCL 712B.13 constitutes a withdrawal of a release executed under MCL 710.29 or a consent to adopt executed under MCL 710.44.