Rule 3.803 Financial Reports, Subsequent Orders

(A) Updated Accounting and Statements.

(1) The update of the accounting filed pursuant to MCL 710.54(8) may include by reference the total expenses itemized in the accounting required by MCL 710.54(7).

(2) Any verified statement filed pursuant to MCL 710.54(7) need not be filed again unless, at the time of the update required by MCL 710.54(8), any such statement does not reflect the facts at that time.

(B) Subsequent Orders.

(1) Only one order approving fees disclosed in the financial reports by MCL 710.54(7) need be entered, and it must be entered after the filing required by MCL 710.54(8).

(2) The order placing the child may be entered before the elapse of the 7-day period required by MCL 710.54(7).

(3) The final order of adoption may be entered before the elapse of the 21-day period required by MCL 710.54(8).