Rule 3.703 Commencing a Personal Protection Action

(A) Filing. A personal protection action is an independent action commenced by filing a petition with a court. There are no fees for filing a personal protection action and no summons is issued. A personal protection action may not be commenced by filing a motion in an existing case or by joining a claim to an action.

(B) Petition in General. The petition must

(1) be in writing;

(2) state with particularity the facts on which it is based;

(3) state the relief sought and the conduct to be restrained;

(4) state whether an ex parte order is being sought;

(5) state whether a personal protection order action involving the same parties has been commenced in another jurisdiction; and

(6) be signed by the party or attorney as provided in MCR 2.114. The petitioner may omit his or her residence address from the documents filed with the court, but must provide the court with a mailing address.

(C) Petition Against a Minor. In addition to the requirements outlined in (B), a petition against a minor must list:

(1) the minor's name, address, and either age or date of birth; and

(2) if known or can be easily ascertained, the names and addresses of the minor's parent or parents, guardian, or custodian.

(D) Other Pending Actions; Order, Judgments.

(1) The petition must specify whether there are any other pending actions in this or any other court, or orders or judgments already entered by this or any other court affecting the parties, including the name of the court and the case number, if known.

(a) If the petition is filed in the same court as a pending action or where an order or judgment has already been entered by that court affecting the parties, it shall be assigned to the same judge.

(b) If there are pending actions in another court or orders or judgments already entered by another court affecting the parties, the court should contact the court where the pending actions were filed or orders or judgments were entered, if practicable, to determine any relevant information.

(2) If the prior action resulted in an order providing for continuing jurisdiction of a minor, and the new action requests relief with regard to the minor, the court must comply with MCR 3.205.

(E) Venue.

(1) If the respondent is an adult, the petitioner may file a personal protection action in any county in Michigan regardless of residency.

(2) If the respondent is a minor, the petitioner may file a personal protection order in either the petitioner's or respondent's county of residence. If the respondent does not live in this state, venue for the action is proper in the petitioner's county of residence.

(F) Minor or Legally Incapacitated Individual as Petitioner.

(1) If the petitioner is a minor or a legally incapacitated individual, the petitioner shall proceed through a next friend. The petitioner shall certify that the next friend is not disqualified by statute and that the next friend is an adult.

(2) Unless the court determines appointment is necessary, the next friend may act on behalf of the minor or legally incapacitated person without appointment. However, the court shall appoint a next friend if the minor is less than 14 years of age. The next friend is not responsible for the costs of the action.

(G) Request for Ex Parte Order. If the petition requests an ex parte order, the petition must set forth specific facts showing that immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result to the petitioner from the delay required to effect notice or from the risk that notice will itself precipitate adverse action before an order can be issued.