Rule 3.201 Applicability of Rules

(A) Subchapter 3.200 applies to

(1) actions for divorce, separate maintenance, the annulment of marriage, the affirmation of marriage, paternity, family support under MCL 552.451 et seq., the custody of minors under MCL 722.21 et seq., and visitation with minors under MCL 722.27b, and to

(2) proceedings that are ancillary or subsequent to the actions listed in subrule (A)(1) and that relate to

(a) the custody of minors,

(b) visitation with minors, or

(c) the support of minors and spouses or former spouses.

(B) As used in this subchapter with regard to child support, the terms “minor” or “child” may include children who have reached the age of majority, in the circumstances where the legislature has so provided.

(C) Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, practice and procedure in domestic relations actions is governed by other applicable provisions of the Michigan Court Rules.

(D) When used in this subchapter, unless the context otherwise indicates:

(1) “Case” means an action initiated in the family division of the circuit court by:

(a) submission of an original complaint, petition, or citation;

(b) acceptance of transfer of an action from another court or tribunal; or

(c) filing or registration of a foreign judgment or order.

(2) “File” means the repository for collection of the pleadings and other documents and materials related to a case. A file may include more than one case involving a family.

(3) “Jurisdiction” means the authority of the court to hear cases and make decisions and enter orders on cases.