Rule 2.514 Rendering Verdict

(A)   Majority Verdict; Stipulations Regarding Number of Jurors and Verdict. The parties may stipulate in writing or on the record that

(1)   the jury will consist of any number less than 6,

(2)   a verdict or a finding of a stated majority of the jurors will be taken as the verdict or finding of the jury, or

(3)   if more than 6 jurors were impaneled, all the jurors may deliberate.

Except as provided in MCR 5.740(C), in the absence of such stipulation, a verdict in a civil action tried by 6 jurors will be received when 5 jurors agree.

(B)   Return; Poll.

(1)   The jury must return its verdict in open court.

(2)   A party may require a poll to be taken by the court asking each juror if it is his or her verdict.

(3)   If the number of jurors agreeing is less than required, the jury must be sent back for further deliberation; otherwise, the verdict is complete, and the court shall discharge the jury.

(C)   Discharge From Action; New Jury. The court may discharge a jury from the action:

(1)   because of an accident or calamity requiring it;

(2)   by consent of all the parties;

(3)   whenever an adjournment or mistrial is declared;

(4)   whenever the jurors have deliberated and it appears that they cannot agree.

The court may order another jury to be drawn, and the same proceedings may be had before the new jury as might have been had before the jury that was discharged.

(D)   Responsibility of Officers.

(1)   All court officers, including trial attorneys, must attend during the trial of an action until the verdict of the jury is announced.

(2)   A trial attorney may, on request, be released by the court from further attendance, or the attorney may designate an associate or other attorney to act for him or her during the deliberations of the jury.